Metz, France

If you want to discover one of the trendiest destinations in France, Metz is definitely the place to go! The city attracts artists and travellers from around the world. Young designers, investors, start-up companies, have settled in Metz for years. Major cultural institutions like the Pompidou Centre and renowned creators such as Philippe Starck have decided to launch their projects in the city. 

Situated in the north-east of France and only 82 mins from Paris by train, Metz is the perfect sized town for a short break. Its combination of lively shopping streets and riverside walks makes it ideal for pedestrians, cyclists and people looking for amusement and relaxation. Family-friendly parks and gardens are part of the city lifestyle, just like the animated terraces, cafés and bars. Good quality food is easy to find.  The Covered Market, patisseries run by award-winning pastry chefs, and the many restaurants serve local and international delicacies for every budget.

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